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MULTI-CONTACT Adaptor cables 2mm/4mm and individual parts

Product Code: MC 28.0009-007

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Product Description

One end with 2mm plugs, other end with 4mm plugs 
Contact resistance 1m OHM 
Load 10A 
Test Voltage 2000V 
Permanent temperature -10 degrees to +70 degrees 
PVC-cable 0.5 256 x 0.05mm dia. 
Plugs are made of CuBe, rolled, hardened and gold plated. 
Colours: red, blue, white, black, yellow, green, brown, grey, violet and yellow-green 
a Adaptor cables AK2-F/4-A 
Length Order No. 
75mm MC 28.0009-007 
150mm MC 28.0009-015 
300mm MC 28.0009-030 
450mm MC 28.0009-045 
600mm MC 28.0009-060 
Laboratory plugs LS 2-F MC 22.1006 
Slip-n-tie insulators KT 2-F MC 22.2020 
Laboratory plugs LS 4 MC 22.1005 
Slip-n-tie insulators KT 4-A MC 22.2050 
Highly flexible cables MC 60.7005 
b Adaptor cables AK 2-F/4-B