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Ronson Universal Gas Lighter Refill - 'Ultra refined for maximum care and performance.'

Use for refilling our range of Portasol Gas Soldering tools. Can also be used for refillable cigarette lighters. There are six nozzle types included to ensure every butane gas tool or refillable cigarette lighter can be refilled.

250ml cannister contains as much fuel as 41 disposable lighters
Ultra refined for maximum purity and gas tool reliability

Filling Instructions
1. If required, select appropriate adaptor and fit to valve stem (most devices do not require and adaptor.)
2. Invert can and press firmly into device filler valve.
3. Fill to the level recommended by the manufacturer of the device.
4. Escaping gas indicates either poor alignment of the filling nozzle, the wrong adaptor has been used or the device is already full.
5. Check for leaking gas before operating the device.

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