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KASP Premium Brass Padlocks

Product Code: KASP 125 Series


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Product Description

Kasp locks are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Precision engineered from premium grade materials, ensuring exceptional strength and outstanding reliability, Kasp locks are renowned for being locks you can trust. To maximise sales potential, the Kasp range is supported by colour-coded packaging designed to be informative and assist selection in-store, plus strong POS and merchandising solutions that create real stand out.

The versatile 125 series premium brass padlock range is available in a wide range of sizes and shackle options.

Top quality in design and manufacture with precision mechanisms featuring paracentric keyway and anti-pick cylinders.

As with many other series within the Kasp® range, the 125 series is available keyed alike, but conveniently additional 125 series padlocks can be specially assembled to match an existing key (ask your local stockist for further details).

Features & Benefits

  • Hardened Steel (20mm and above) -
    Extra protection against hacksaw and cropping attacks.
  • Double bolted locking mechanism (30mm and above) -
    Extra strength to resist torsion and pull attack.
  • Solid brass body -
    Added resistance to corrosion.
  • Anti-pick mushroom pins (30mm and above) -
    Extra protection against picking.
  • Paracentric keyway -
    Extra protection against manipulation.

Alternative Shackle Options

  • Stainless steel -
    MAXIMUM resistance against corrosion.
  • Long shackle -
    Provides greater shackle clearance for versatility.
  • Brass shackle -
    Anti-spart and added resistance to corrosion.
  • Close shackle -
    Additional protection from shackle attack.

The security rating appears prominently on Kasp's colour-coded packaging allowing easy identification. The rating is based on the product's ability to withstand both brutal and intelligent attacks.

Yellow - Low Security

Kasp® products with a yellow pack and a security rating of 1-5 offer basic security and visual deterance.

Orange - Medium Security

Kasp® products with an orange pack and a security rating of 6-10 offer mid level protection for general security needs.

Red- High Security

Kasp® products with a red pack and a security rating of 11-15 offer maximum protection for high security requirements.

Hardened Steel Shackle

Item No.Security
Shackle diameterShackle heightProduct ApplicationWeather Proof RatingKeyed Alike
K12515D 1 15mm 2.8mm 11mm LuggageCabinets 1 -
K12520D 2 20mm 3.5mm 11mm LuggageCabinets 1 -
K12525D 3 25mm 4mm 13mm LuggageCabinetsToolboxesLockers 1 -
K12530D 4 30mm 4.8mm 17mm LuggageCabinetsToolboxesLockers 1 -
K12535D 4 35mm 5.5mm 20mm CabinetsToolboxesLockersshedsgates 1 -
K12540D 5 40mm 6.4mm 22.5mm CabinetsToolboxesLockersshedsgates 1 -
K12545D 6 45mm 7.1mm 25.5mm ToolboxesshedsgatesGarages 1 -
K12550D 7 50mm 8mm 28mm shedsgatesGaragesshutters 1 -
K12560D 10 60mm 9.5mm 35.5mm GaragesshuttersVehicles 1 -