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Veti Double 16A RSA Socket Outlet (100mm x 100mm) - Whi

Product Code: VG22WT

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Product Description

Description :

Product Rating: 16AX 250V A.C.
Standard Pack Size: 10

Dimensions (mm):                                                                                                                          100x100


VETI is an innovative modular switching and socket range.The dynamic modular system has been designed and developed in South Africa over a period of 3 years and has got both design registration & patent protection.

VETI will be available in both a complete and a modular offer in order to assist the customer in understanding the simplicity and functionality of a modular system. VETI intends on minimising the need for adaptors and reducing the number of socket outlets by providing a modular product which allows for personalised installations.


VETI has received full IEC certification conforming to European standards and has received a letter of authority from the NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications) confirming that VETI conforms to all the necessary standards as used by the SABS

Switches are available with either a locator lamp in order to locate the switch in the dark or with a plain gray insert. The locator lamp can be added to most switches at any time by purchasing a locator lamp module and merely clipping it into the existing swicth. The locator lamp provides a more elegant finish by providing a soft blue night light which turns on when the light is off and turns off when the light is on.

VETI will offer a full range of modular sockets to meet any installation requirement. All communication modules are printed with wording and pictograms in order to make identification and installation as easy as possible.

VETI, where your only limitation is your imagination – Don’t be ordinary, Switch on style