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CK Electrician's Tool Tote Kit

Product Code: CK 5952

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Electrician's Tool Tote Kit

Constructed specifically for the professional Electrician, the C.K Electrician's Tool Tote Kit T5952 comprises of the most commonly used electricians tools including the C.K RedLine VDE pliers and premium quality C.K DextroVDE screwdrivers.

The tool kit is supplied together with the robust C.K Magma Technician’s Tool Tote.
C.K Magma Technicians Tool Tote
  • C.K RedLine VDE Side Cutters 160mm
  • C.K Redline VDE Combination Pliers 180mm
  • C.K Redline VDE Snipe Nose Pliers 175mm
  • C.K DextroVDE Screwdriver PZD 1
  • C.K DextroVDE Screwdriver PZD 2
  • C.K DextroVDE Screwdriver slotted  2.5mm
  • C.K DextroVDE Screwdriver slotted  4.0mm
  • C.K DextroVDE Screwdriver slotted  5.5mm
  • Trimming Knife
  • ST Tape measure 10ft/3m
  • Junior Hacksaw
  • Spirit level
  • Voltage detector