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KASP Solid aluminium padlocks

Product Code: KASP 140 Series


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Product Description

Kasp locks are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Precision engineered from premium grade materials, ensuring exceptional strength and outstanding reliability, Kasp locks are renowned for being locks you can trust. To maximise sales potential, the Kasp range is supported by colour-coded packaging designed to be informative and assist selection in-store, plus strong POS and merchandising solutions that create real stand out.

The new K140 series is constructed from solid aluminium ensuring a high level of weather resistance. In addition, this highly sophisticated lock provides wide ranging protection against a number of forms of attack. It is also an ideal padlock for lock-off applications.

Product Variants


K14040BLAD 7 38mm 6.3mm 25mm   6  
K14040GOLD 7 38mm 6.3mm 25mm   6  
K14040GOLD 7 38mm 6.3mm 25mm   6  
K14040REDD 7 38mm 6.3mm 25mm   6  
K14040GRED 7 38mm 6.3mm 25mm   6  
K14040SILD 7 38mm 6.3mm 25mm   6

Solid aluminium padlocks