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Christensen Substation Insulated Rescue Sticks

Product Code: LP RESCUE

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Product Description

Insulated rescue sticks also referred to as rescue hooks are to be used to remove an injured person in the event of an arc flash incident at a switching substation.

What is it used for ?

Live Line Technology offers a substation insulated rescue stick or hook for the safety of personnel working on high voltage electrical switchgear. This unit needs to be available to high voltage electrical users in confined areas such as switching stations, substations or switching yards. In the event of an arc flash or shock incident, these sticks are utilized to remove an electrical technician from the hazard. The sticks are rated according to ASTM F711, ASTM F1826 & ASTM D149 which cover international mechanical and electrical properties. The sticks can be used in switching yards with system voltages ranging from 3.3kv up until 132kv, whereby the sticks' solid foam section is fully insulated and tested.

Features :


Sticks that can be de-assembled into two pieces for easy transport

Sticks feature an 18? coated heat treated steel body hook.

Wall thickness has been engineered to provide the utmost in mechanical strength to meet the rigorous use pushing, pulling and twisting of stubborn equipment and removal of personnel.

Insulated rescue sticks or hooks are available from 1.8 meter, 2 meter and 2.3 meter handle lengths.?Featuring insulated fiberglass with a reinforced handle for superior electrical insulation that meets requirements of ASTM F711, ASTM F711, ASTM F1826 and OSHA sub V.sec 1969.951. These tests include mechanical strength and dielectric withstand tests at 100kv/foot or 100kv/30cm. (d)

Part numbers :

LLT-RES1.6M = Insulated Rescue/hook stick 1.6 meters.

LLT-RES1.8M = Insulated Rescue/hook stick 1.8 meters.


LLT-RES2M = Insulated Rescue/hook stick 2 meters.