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BKM THT45 Thermal Imager

Product Code: BKM THT45

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Product Description


  • Infrared temperature measurement ranging from -20 °C to 350 °C
  • Built-in photo camera for a visual image
  • PiP fusion function
  • 3 Selectable measuring cursors
  • Table with emissivity values of common material
  • 4 Standard colour palettes
  • Electronic zoom x1-x32
  • Automatic detection of hot/cold spots of the image
  • Storage of jpeg images on external micro SD card
  • IR sensor resolution: 80x80 pixel
  • USB port for PC connection and image transfer
  • MPEG4 video recording on micro SD card
  • Video and microphone output
  • Built-in laser pointer and illuminator
  • Rechargeable Li-ION battery
  • Analysis and printing of images with the dedicated software provided


THT45 is a professional ultralight compact camera 80x80 pixel, equipped with a very bright 2.8” display and a frequency response of 50 Hz. Thanks to its drop-down menu you will get quick access to all functions. THT45 offers a wide range of temperatures (max. 350 °C) as well as a remarkable set of built-in tools such the possibility of realising advanced analysis with three pointers and cross-over of thermal and visual
images mixing them together thanks to PiP technology. THT45 is ideal for detection of electrical problems, control of mechanical parts, analysis of hydraulic systems, air conditioning, etc.