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WELLER Desoldering nozzles for DS-80

Product Code: WLR DS11...various

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Order No. Length Outer dia. Inner dia.
WLR DS100 12.7mm 1.9mm 0.7mm
WLR DS111 12.7mm 2.5mm 0.7mm
WLR DS112 12.7mm 2.3mm 1.0mm
WLR DS113 12.7mm 2.5mm 1.2mm
WLR DS114 12.7mm 3.3mm 1.8mm
WLR DS115 19.05mm 1.9mm 0.7mm
WLR DS116 19.05mm 2.7mm 1.2mm
WLR DS117 12.7mm 2.9mm 1.5mm
WLR DS118 12.7mm 1.5mm 0.7mm
WLR DS119 For removing of soldering bridges in connection with hot air pencil